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Services/Benefits Card

Since its introduction in 1997, millions of people have used the convenient Benefits Card to pay for a range of eligible products and services – and to capitalize on today’s increasingly popular tax-exempt employee-benefits accounts. 

Using the Benefits Card eliminates the need to pay out of pocket twice!

The Benefits Card gives the employees easy access to the funds in the employer’s consumer-benefit accounts.  Depending on the benefit accounts offered by the employer, the Benefits Card may be linked to a:

                            Flexible Spending Account
                            Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
                            Transit/Parking Account

In most ways, the Benefits card works just like any debit card but it’s actually a “stored value card” or gift card.  The card is pre-loaded with the dollar amount selected by the employer or employee, depending on the benefit being offered via the Benefits Card. 

There are Three Important Differences:

Its use is limited to specific merchants based on the benefit account(s) you select and to expenses deemed eligible by your Benefit Plan.  In most cases, we can customize your set-up to allow access only at the merchants you specify.

The employee cannot use it at an ATM, or to obtain “cash back” when making a purchase.

The employee is not given a PIN with this card.  Should a merchant or provider ask for a PIN, the employee will explain that this particular card does not have one.  When given the option between debit and credit at the terminal, choose “credit”.


• Drives FICA tax savings by increasing Flex account participation and contributions

• On average, employers realize a 60% increase in overall dollars contributed to their Flex account plans

• Adds value to employee benefits at no additional net cost

• Means of offsetting rising healthcare costs

• Reduces paperwork and administrative burdens


• Provides instant access to Flex account funds – no need to use out of pocket dollars

• Virtually eliminates claim forms

• No more waiting for reimbursement checks

• Non-Reimbursed Medical and Dependent Care can all be handled on one card

• Employees can check their available account balance 24 hours a day via secure Internet access at

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